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Bo is an interdisciplinary innovator, information-gatherer, and paradigm-bender.  Her teaching explores the intersections of yoga, mindfulness, science, psychology, connective tissue research, movement studies, embodiment, contemplative practice and social justice.  Embodied Awareness is accredited through the Yoga Alliance and the American Psychological Association. Our courses are ideal for avid students, aspiring and expanding teachers, therapists, healthcare professionals and contemplative practitioners seeking to enhance their personal practice and professional lives.  

Our Approach

We are acutely aware that a tremendous gap exists between conceptual insight and the real-life experience of practice and change.  Our courses are designed to bridge that gap through embodied education. We believe that:

  • The designation between student and teacher is artificial; centering inner wisdom, relationship, and learning in community matters

  • The body plays an integral role in learning, understanding, and transformation; practice opportunities matter

  • There are diverse ways of learning, and we learn better with diversity; course design and delivery matter

Our course videos are filmed live and unrehearsed in Bo’s practice laboratory.   This approach allows you to learn from the candid struggles triumphs, roadblocks and epiphanies that occur for both students and Bo as the course unfolds.  Our instructional design is ever-evolving in response to our own learning, our students’ valued feedback, and the wisdom of experts in the field. Each course is work-at-your-own-pace and includes an engaging mix of:

  • 90 minute videos rich in content and guided practices

  • Supplementary materials for deep dives into all your favorite topics

  • Tools for on and off-the-mat practice

  • Tips for teachers

  • Quizzes (to show you’re a whiz)

  • Personal reflection questions and small group discussions (so you really get it)

  • Real support from real people – our staff practice and learn with you

  • Lifetime access to course materials: all course materials are yours to download and keep

Explore Our Online Courses