Yoga Therapeutics + the Productivity Paradox


This Masterclass focuses on the pressure to produce, to do more, faster, better. It examines the social context of this pressure and several ways that the drive to produce impacts knowledge and healing practices like yoga, psychotherapy, and the wellness space. The class explores implications for our work as teachers, healers, parents, and people.

We examine:

  • where productivity demands originate and how they impact the mind, brain, and body.
  • what dynamic rest and quiet wakefulness are and how to build them into individual and group sessions
  • why connective tissue self-massage is so important


We’ll experience the practice of embodied self-compassion and restorative yoga, and learn why they’re so effective at balancing the drive to produce and fostering sustainable creativity.

Participants will be able to discuss the social context of productivity, and offer several methods on the continuum of dynamic rest.