Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and the Body (YMNB)


We know that our yoga practice helps us feel better, but how long do those benefits usually last? What are the tools that transform our practice from one which makes us feel good for a short while to one that is unequivocally life-changing? In this innovative course, Bo offers a new alternative to the modern medical paradigms of problem-based, protocol-focused healing. She offers a step-by-step method for well-being in the mind, brain, and body.

This integrative course isn’t limited to the yoga tradition, but also draws from mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, the body, movement studies, and contemplative practice – fields previously thought to be different which we learn are interrelated and interdependent. We’ll also address some of the “hard questions” of transformation: for example, what does it mean to apply the principles of contemplative practice and the new science of change to real-life situations? What does embodied awareness look like in the difficult, yet pivotal moments of our lives?

Each of the 16 classes in the course offers a seamless blend of theory, process, and practice. This course is self-paced, giving you the time and support to embody and integrate the knowledge and tools.

Preview The Classes

  • Class 1: Curriculum for Human Growth
    An Introduction to Mind-Body Well-Being
  • Class 2: Neuroplasticity
    The Science of How Change Happens
  • Class 3: What Mindfulness Looks Like in Yoga
  • Class 4: Translating Mindfulness + Neuroscience into Embodied Practice
  • Class 5: Risk Takers and Change-Makers
    The Autonomic Nervous System as the Gateway to Healing
  • Class 6: Stealth Healing
    Mindfulness in the Body, or Interoception
  • Class 7: Forget about Self-Esteem
    What Self-Compassion Is, Why It Works, and How We Can Develop It
  • Class 8: Food for the Nervous System
    Embodied Inquiry, Mindful Movement, and Tissue Restoration
  • Class 9: The Connective Tissue Matrix
    Our Communication Superhighway
  • Class 10: It’s Not What Your Mother Told You
    Posture as a System
  • Class 11: Prana in the Belly
    The Incredible Intelligence of our Enteric Nervous System
  • Class 12: Embodiment in Asana
    A Grounding Practice for the Lower Body
  • Class 13: What Gets In Must Get Out
    An Empath’s Guide to Finding Balance
  • Class 14: Mind Games
    Changing the Default Settings that Bite Us in the Butt
  • Class 15: Re-thinking Suffering
    The Surprising New Science of Chronic Pain
  • Class 16: Restorative Yoga
    Our Magical Mystery Tour




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