Engaging with Grief, Loss, & Depression in a Rapidly-Changing World


Over the last decade, science has shed new light on the factors that lead to well-being, but some of the most important insights haven’t yet reached mainstream understanding. Until recently, depression has been viewed as a genetic and biochemical problem to be managed solely through talk therapy and medication. And yet, revolutionary new research supports alternative root causes and through them, novel means for treatment.

This Masterclass will address ways to engage with and lift grief, loss, and depression. We’ll cover:

  • the neuroscience of emotion
  • cutting-edge research that links inflammation with depression
  • why depression is not just a personal but a social illness
  • the power of yoga, mindfulness, and embodiment to relieve depression
  • how practices like self-compassion, compassion, gratitude, and generosity can help


Participants will be able to discuss emerging research on the origins of depression, and describe tools from embodiment that foster emotional well-being.