How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleep, Dreaming, and Longevity


Until recently, the function of sleep was relatively unknown. This class examines emerging findings from the science of sleep. We review the stages of sleep, when they occur, and why they’re important to physical and emotional health. We discuss the glymphatic system- the brain’s waste removal system- and its relation to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We explore some of the causes (and impact) of modern insomnia. And we review multiple ways to increase the quantity and quality of sleep we get each night.

This Masterclass will cover:

  • the science of sleep
  • the effects of sleep deprivation on our functionality
  • cutting-edge research that links sleep, inflammation, and emotional health
  • why sleep deprivation is a social illness
  • the power of cognitive, behavioral, body-based, and contemplative practices to improve the type, quality, and timing of our sleep


Participants will be able to describe the stages and functions of sleep, their impact on well-being, and methods for improving both sleep and restoration.