Neuroplasticity, Dynamic Rest, and Well-Being


Neuroplasticity refers to the way the brain and nervous system change in response to experience, plastic meaning mutable. One of the most powerful and liberating ideas in the field of neuroplasticity is that it’s about more than what we practice. Neuroplasticity has two distinct elements. This course addresses each one and outlines the nervous system orientation that underpins them. 

We explore emerging research in the science of change, including:

  • emerging findings in neuroplasticity, the science + inner technology of change
  • effective ways to retrain the brain, body, & nervous system
  • how dynamic rest practices support neuroplasticity, and when (and how) to use them
  • the role of interoception (awareness of the body) in neuroplasticity
  • The social context of safety and rest

You’ll learn powerful techniques to support new learning and healthy practices, and help others do the same.



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