Interoception, Body Resonance, and Relationship Health

1 Class

What is body intelligence- and how does it support and build social intelligence? Your body has a mind- a power, presence, and awareness- of its own. This power, presence, and awareness play a key role in diffusing conflict and building connection with others.

This Masterclass investigates:

  • what interoception is and how it impacts emotional and social regulation
  • the brain’s “self-fulfilling body prophecy” and how to reprogram it
  • how to discern between different levels of emotional reactivity
  • why body resonance impacts conflict resolution
  • how to set embodied boundaries

The class finishes with three live consults that allow you to witness the principles in action.

Learning Objective:

Participants will be able to discuss interoception and body resonance and how they reduce emotional reactivity and improve relationship health.