Shake the System: Beyond Emotional Balance


Shake the System closed on 10/31/18.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our first, free mini-course!  Stay tuned for future offerings.

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June, 2018

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our social media post about “Depression as a System.” Thank you for the outpouring of shares, comments, messages, and “What can we DO?” questions.

Course Description

When it comes to emotional balance, we have a wealth of tools at our fingertips: Psychotherapy. Exercise. Yoga. Medication—or meditation. And yet, we feel worse than ever. In growing numbers, we suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. We’re dogged by fatigue, inflammation, and malaise—a persistent feeling of being unwell. We battle constant worry and emotional strain. When nothing seems to work, we often feel hopeless, and blame ourselves for being unwell. We feel isolated, alone, stigmatized.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A simple, yet critical shift in our mindset can change how we approach well-being and thus, change our lives in profound ways. Changing our mindset, and doing so in community, begins to build a bridge to working better as a system.

In this mini-course, we’ll explore:

  • Our modern mindset on emotional health

  • Where “mental health” happens: the mind and brain’s default mode, how it controls us, and how we can get better control over it

  • Intelligent systems of the body (the gut, nervous system, and connective tissue matrix) and how we can access them

  • Well-being as a systems issue (what this means, and what we can do about it)

  • Practical tools to “shake the system” you’re in

The course will be offered via webinar using the Zoom system, guided video, and a discussion forum. Please download Zoom via the link provided before the webinar.

Please note: If someone you know is interested in the course, they’ll need to register separately in the system. Feel free to share this link so they can do so.

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We hope you enjoy it.

Bo and Kathryn




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We’re part of LearnDash, an online learning management system. We can’t offer a free course, particularly not one this large, without you registering and gaining access. That’s how the system works- nothing more.


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Nope. We believe in our offerings, and we’re comfortable with the low-key way we put them out there. Plus, if you’ve been following Bo’s work, you’ll know that she’s been offering free articles, videos, webinars, and other tools for years. Seriously: it’s part of our ethos.


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We know, we know. You’re a little jaded by the vast online marketplace. Sometimes we are, too. That’s why there’s no catch. So stop looking for one and dive in!


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